Place which should be seened once in a life time

In Melbourne the foodies will rule the roost with the venues of the food in shops which are numbering. In that street more restaurants, cafe and pubs in the retailers of Melbourne. There should be a big boom in this city. Thanks to the central business district. Analysis made by this city the usage of land for the hospitality purposes 135 and more. But now a day’s Melbourne restaurants cbd are 41 more places t eat and drink. Here Flip board is the one of the newest café which will occupies mere 20 square meter in a multi level space in a La-Trobe street. The one of the owner will say about the café to make a café is the very simplest one. That is you have to remove the two walls and make a ceiling panel then the café will be ready. According to the population growth only enrich the establishment of the food court. Once upon a time we could never find a single coffee shop there, but now days it is an easy one.


Village people:

            Think south East Asian hawker hall. Mostly village people occupy the level one of Brunswick Street. Here they serve the flavors of Laotian, Cambodian, Indian, Malay Burniese and Thai. These foods are so amazing. The persons who know about this street only know these types of food available places, for the new persons this is not known. There should be pleasant surprise in the top of the staircase. It is an interesting location, the service of the foods is lovely one, at the time of busy the staff will attend the persons individually and give the great respect to us. It is amazing one enjoy without family members. Those who are visit first they have the enthu of to see in the next time. Those are read this one time visit this place.